Summer budget rental income tax changes

Summer Budget 2015 Rental Income Tax Changes

In yesterday’s summer budget there were three significant tax changes announced that will affect future rental income: 1) The tax relief on mortgage interest will be reduced. At present you can receive full tax relief for mortgage interest against a rental property, whether you are a basic rate or higher rate taxpayer. From 6th April […]

HMRC SA316 Form 2015

HMRC SA316 Form 2015

Many people have been asking me when their SA316 forms (the notice to complete a tax return) would arrive. Although dated 6th April 2015, unfortunately my own SA316 has only just arrived – over two months since the alleged issue date. This is an unfortunate delay, which has increased since 2013 when it took 6.5 […]

TAX Adviser magazine available via app

TAXAdviser.Available by app

I am pleased to announce that my professional journal, TAX Adviser, is now available via app. The magazine is available on both the Apple app store and the Google NewsStand: Tax Adviser Magazine on the Apple app store Tax Adviser Magazine on the Google NewsStand I always look forward to the new issue of the […]